Sunday, 31 May 2009

richie webb runs a 9.33!

hats off to brit Richie Webb for running an amazing 9.33 second pass at 149mph in the USA! and that's in his full-weight, streetable cabriolet, too !! truly awesome

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Keith Seume visits Southend on Top Gear!

check out this rare footage from 'back in the day'. Keith talks about 'the look' and they check out the legendary Chris Jory Oval, Gary Constable's Fasty and Ritchie King's 'Rad' red Ghia, too.
I remember seeing this on TV and, I have to admit, it's part of the reason I got into the whole VW thing. It was shot on Southend seafront, and all the cars were familiar.. in fact, I'd just bought my first Beetle and these cars were my influences!
So, thanks Keith, Ritchie and co., it was nice to see this nostalgic UK footage again, it brought it all flooding back!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

2500hp keith black motor!

wayne then showed off the 2500hp (!) blown, alki, keith black hemi motor, which is the kind of motor serious racers use to push into the 6-second bracket! serious sh!t, for sure!
that's £1200-worth of rods, doncha know!!
check out the carbon fibre injector scoop - awesome!
and we loved the old-skool 'lid with fireproof mask and goggles - madness!!!

a day at the Intergalactic Custom Shop!

we arrived with biscuits to see what was going on in wayne's world right now. there was plenty to see (as usual) and we met some cool world travellers (40k km in a vw buggy, and still going - but more of this soon...), and, of course, checked out the progress of the Mental Breakdown drag Bus!
here's the hot seat!

and here is wayne at the wheel of his neat daily-driver, a chevy truck rollin' on 20s!

Monday, 18 May 2009

vancake for sale!

for sale in the Ultra VW classified pages is the Andy Saunders-built 'Worlds lowest Camper' by the name of Vancake. This was built at Bug Jam 2008 in just three days and has appeared on TV. What a cool promotional tool!
We're not so sure that it's a 4-birth camper any more though...

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

old-school, heads-up racing @ bitburg!

don't miss out - this is one of our favourite european drag events of the year!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

oscar's first driving lesson..

well, i let my boy, Oscar (3yrs old) loose with the electric bus today... oh-oh! there's a big chunk smashed off the rear of the bumper and we have a few new scuffs on the corners now! look out leigh-on-sea, there's a new liability boy on the scene!!!

at least his first vw is 'tuckin' like a mo-fo' ...
not all of us can boast that much! ;)
paul k.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

what size rims will fit a buggy?

well, these 20s look pretty damn huge on this buggy!

they're big, but you could go bigger!
how about these 30-inch monsters?!
we've thrown down the gauntlet, now show us your VW donks!