Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ultra VW night at the 8-Ball Diner! Thursday 7th April

Hot news... Ultra VW to invade the 8-Ball Diner on Thursday 7th April (and every first Thursday of the month thereafter, too!)

You can read all about the Grand Opening of the 8-Ball Diner (19th Feb) and also the Paintbox hijack (4th March) in the upcoming April 2011 issue of Ultra VW magazine (see preview below)

The first Thursday of every month will see Ultra VW heading for the 8-Ball Diner, so why not pop along and join us for a root-beer of malt shake? The first monthly meet will take place on the 7th April with people gathering around 7.30pm and the fun running on until midnight.

So, if you own a VW (air- or water-cooled, we’re all one big family!), why not come down and show it off? Keep an eye on the www.ultravw.com blog for details of an Essex cruise to the event, and check out www.8balldiner.com for full details of all club and themed meetings etc!

Full details can be found on the 8-Ball Diner website, so mark the date in your diary and we'll see you there!

Friday, 4 March 2011

more from brands hatch...

this is why gwynn clark came... he takes a better picture (and video clip!) than Paul K!

(note, F1 racing legend and MSVR top man Jonathan Palmer on the mic)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Volkswagen Bulli Concept is a Microbus redux for Geneva

to quote www.autoblog.com

Remember the 2001 Volkswagen Microbus concept? For those who need reminding, it was a new look at an old icon – one that got enthusiasts and the automotive press all hot and bothered right after we ticked over into the new millennium. Sadly, management changes at Volkswagen killed the concept before it could become a reality.

Now, a decade later, VW is trying out the concept again at this year's Geneva Motor Show. This time it's called the Volkswagen Bulli, and like its 2001 ancestor, this one is designed to carry on the legacy of the brand's famous Microbus. This Geneva concept packs a 113-horsepower electric motor drawing power from a lithium-ion battery pack. At full charge, the Bulli is said to be theoretically good for 186 miles before a recharge. When it's time for more juice, VW says the Bulli can be fully charged in less than an hour.

Volksagen Bulli concept interiorThe Bulli's skin stays fairly true to the original Microbus shape, which means a flat load floor and plenty of interior space. Even old-school Samba fans will notice the family resemblance. Inside, VW supplied the Bulli with a removable iPad that controls the stereo, navigation, bluetooth and HVAC from its port on the console.

In a neat touch, the iPad will communicate with a Fender USA-designed stereo system, which should pump out more than enough roar for you and the kiddies.

No word on pricing yet or when the Bulli might be available, but we wouldn't expect it until 2014 if it reaches production at all.