Tuesday, 30 December 2008

vw caddy on type 1 chassis!

here's something a bit different...

read the full story here..

sprints pre-resto

it was almost a shame to restore these, but a couple were a bit kerbed and one had been hand painted. they'd have made the ultimate rat-ride-rim otherwise!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New issue - in the shops 30th December

Subscribers should get it between christmas and new year (subject to postal service problems!). otherwise it'll be in the shops on the 30th Dec - don't miss out!

Kustom Dubwerks

popped in to check out what tim and chez were up to at kustom dubwerks in essex. they had an awesome cabriolet project on the go, with porsche 'box and brakes and a hot IDA motor. looking forward to seeing that one completed in early 2009!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Guess who?

merry christmas from the Ultra VW crew!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Mosaic tiled Samba!

looking for a Samba with a difference? check this baby out!
currently for sale on Ebay USA at $12000 buy it now - a fraction of the price of a 'painted' samba!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

bug jam '88

flashback to an old school VW Action

Barbarella and the Black Widow - both well known cars 'back in the day'.
interestingly, if you fitted some smaller wheels/tyres to the front of the black widow, it wouldn't look too out of place at a race meeting today (or Orange County in the 70s!). But, we're loving the widened wings and 'plank' running boards on barbarella - awesome!

Monday, 8 December 2008

oettinger parts for the t25

this is a cool pic of the full oettinger tuning pack for the t25.
note the 6cylinder motor, ex-large fuel tank, rear discs etc.

hot rod ghia, anyone?

we love the hubcaps and the studded grilles!

vw sled

Friday, 5 December 2008

and you thought vws did great wheelies..

check out this vx220 at the recent DAS drag dat at bitburg... that's some air!
ok, he didn't win the race (the vw did!).... but it did look crazy!!

pre-christmas all-day breakfast in essex

stopped by at the Paintbox in Essex to catch up on the local VW gossip and to join their Friday lunchtime café run. There were a few familiar faces there when I arrived, including (left to right) Ben Pascoe (Ultra VW, SSP/Heritage), Mark Dryden (Flatlands Engineering), Bobby and Simon (The Paintbox), 'Pink Si' (Interior Motive) and Louis Newbury (son of Bernard Newbury and renowned DJ!).
Following a full monty breakfast (with everything!), we popped outside to check out pink Si's rather chilly looking daily driver! No heat, no interior panels even and, worse still, no seat covers at all - just bare steel springs. Now that's what I call hardcore!

ok, it's not vw related, but it is interesting!

1959 Opel  Custom 376 mpg - No Sale at $60,100
1959 Opel Custom 376 mpg
Yep, this old barge was capable of 376mpg back in 1959 - makes the new VW eco car, the polo blue motion seem positively rubbish at just 62mpg in 2008!
it's a great read, check it out...

Thursday, 4 December 2008

the finished article

Manxter 2+2
just in case you're not sure what a Manxter is, it's one of these!

Manxter hits the UK

we stopped by at Flatlands Engineering yesterday to check out the UKs first Manxter kits.
Mark Dyden is building the demonstrator as I type this, and I can't wait to see the finished article. If all goes to plan, it promises to be a blast to drive, too!

Monday, 1 December 2008

VW memory stick

here's a cute xmas gift!
VW Memory Sticks
apparently 'The headlights light up when inserted into your computer. Compatible with all computers, and very easy and efficient. Choose from blue Beetle or red/white camper. Size  256 MB'
£19.50 from http://www.pedlars.co.uk/page_1639.html

team Jägerbug - the story so far

as a follow up to the race car build features (and full car feature) in Ultra VW, Nick Pugh and the team have put together this video showing the project from start to finish. Set to Nick's own theme tune, it's a great way to end the season!

Sunday, 30 November 2008


hoodrider.jpg picture by PaulKnight

spotted at the side of the road. note 'hoodride' on the side... perhaps not quite what the hoodride movement had in mind when talking about cool ratty VWs!

the naked racer...

jolly jim warners notchback drag car looks quite bizarre with the flip front and quick release rear panels and doors left in the garage. the car got some very weird looks from passers-by as he blasted out the cobwebs at the weekend.! i'm not quite sure how the law stands on driving cars without doors (!), but luckily it was only a very quick blast before we started to strip the car out for a brief winter overhaul.
watch out for more updates later - we're just waiting for his garage heater to warm up before we dive into a front-end overhaul and (yet another!) engine swap...

a blast from the past

-gcc88.jpg picture by PaulKnight
A nostalgic blast from the past!
this is the original German Car Company catalogue from 'back in the '80s' - note the tuning supplement, too - hi-po advice from 'el ritchie' back in the day!

oh well, it was worth a try..

DSC00266.jpg picture by PaulKnight

we tried fitting some 5-lug sprintstars to the rear of a 356, but they were just way too fat!
it's a real shame as the front end looked good with tucked 4" sprints, but those 'fatty' 6" rears just wouldn't clear the arches (even with relatively narrow 185/70 tyres).
so there you go, if you were thinking (like us!), that a 356 would look cool on sprints, you'll either need a set of skinny rims (and tyres) or some shorter rear axles!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

create your own cut out and keep vw bus!

click here http://www.papercars.net/vwBus.html to make yours

pick your colours, print it out then cut and fold to create your very own VW!

Randy Carlson's olbug.com specials!

every now and then we take a few moments to browse randy carlson's awesome website www.oldbug.com check it out - there are always a great selection of top quality show and race VWs for sale on the site, as well as a few weird and whacky creations, too. Here are just a few of our favourite 'oddities'...

an all-steel Ford Model T body on a VW chassis... the ultimate volksrod?

and how cool is this safari bus? we're not sure what you'd do with it in the UK, but it'd certainly be cool if you owned a safari park!

and how about this cool Canadian Bug. of course, it's the bug guard that we love the most - were they expecting a swarm of locusts or something?! awesome!

and don't forget all the show quality VWs over there, too.
www.oldbug.com - we just know you'll find your dream VW somewhere on that site!

Keith Seume's new book

log on to www.ultravw.com to buy Keith Seume's all-new California Look book. If you live in the UK and take out a 12-month subscription to Ultra VW, you'll receive a signed copy of this fabulous book absolutely free! That's a great christmas present ;)

Volkszone forums

if you're looking for some great VW-related banter, technical advice or even cars for sale, you could do far worse than check out our favourite VW forum over at Volkszone.

December 2008 issue out now!

check out the latest issue @ ultravw.com