Wednesday, 15 April 2009

shopping for a t4 california..

today we went t4 california shopping for a friend and found this cool, silver metallic, turbo-diesel camper, which was already UK-registered. The t4 california (westfalia-built camper) was only ever available in LHD format on the European market, so UK-registered vans are mostly private imports, and are few and far between... This van was imported (from Germany) to the UK around 3 years ago and has since been repainted, lowered and fitted with some cool Audi-sourced rims. It ticked all the boxes and, being priced well-within budget, it was snapped up right away!
Fans of T4 Cali's can check it out at Big Bang, where it will be parked alongside Ultra VWs own slammed T4 California workhorse!

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